My 2013 Year in Blogging

January 1, 2014

WordPress.com is kind enough to email statistics on blog readership towards the end of the year. In 2013, I posted 60 posts. I accomplished personal goal to publish an average of one post each week.

Here are this year’s 2013’s top-10 posts according to total views:

  1. How to crack Cobalt Strike AND backdoor it
  2. Missing in Action: Armitage on Kali Linux
  3. Getting Started with Armitage and the Metasploit Framework (2013)
  4. Why is notepad.exe connecting to the internet?
  5. That’ll never work–we don’t allow port 53 out
  6. Browser Pivoting (Get past two-factor auth)
  7. Tactics to Hack an Enterprise Network
  8. Email Delivery – What Pen Testers Should Know
  9. WRCCDC – A Red Team Member’s Perspective
  10. How to Inject Shellcode from Java


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